Rossetti Screenplays Script Assessments:

About Your Assessor:  Sarah Rossetti has screenwriting credits in a number of genres.  She has won 4 AWGIES (Australian Writers’ Guild national awards) a Lotteries Commission Award for Film Excellence, a WA Premier’s Award and an IfAward for Best Emerging Australian Talent.  When time permits, Sarah lectures and tutors at 3 WA Universities.  She also works as a Script Editor whilst writing feature films and TV drama and documentary programs/series. 

Why Have Your Work Assessed?  Sarah Rossetti understands your need to have your script assessed before it goes to the market in a non biased, constructive fashion.  The quality of the work and your objectives within it will be identified, to assist in the enhancement of your scriptwriting skills, in order to increase your project’s capacity to succeed.  Sarah Rossetti understands scripts in light of the writer’s unique voice and potential.  Often, the emerging screenwriter’s aims and current capacity to fulfil them are at odds.  Having your work assessed helps bring these elements closer together.  Great ideas need good craft skills to support them, and an assessment assists in nurturing and assisting the talent required to succeed in the screenwriting business.

A Rossetti Screenplays Assessment Will:  Identify issues which, when addressed, help you work your script up to its full potential. The assessment will examine such aspects as character, dialogue, plot, structure, setting, timeframe, theme, ambition, all aimed at your overall level of skill.  Key concerns of the project will be examined and communicated in clear, concise and helpful ways.  The assessment will begin with a short synopsis which clarifies what’s on the page, identifying story beats which enables you to see what others in the business understand to be its important components.  The assessment ends with a summaryafter the main body of the report. 

What to Post to Rossetti Screenplays:  These assessments are designed to assist early works in progress.   There are two levels of assessment available.

Short Works or First Act:  Writers must provide a 1 paragraph synopsis, and a short film script, or 20-30 page script sample or outline/treatment of the project and 1 x A4 page of notes about your aims in the material.  A stamped self addressed envelope must be provided for the return of your material and assessment.

Full Draft of a Screenplay:  Writers must provide a 1 page synopsis, and a full length feature film script not more than 120 pages in length, and 1 x A4 page of notes about your aims in the material.  A stamped self addressed envelope must be provided for the return of your material and assessment.  
Confidentiality:  At Rossetti Screenplays, the confidentiality of your script is assured.    Nevertheless, scripts will not be assessed unless your title page has Your Title © Your Name and a Date on it (which protects your copyright).  It is also advised to write Strictly Confidential on your title page.

Short Assessment will provide 3 pages of Written Feedback within 14 days.  
Full Draft Assessment will provide 5 pages of Written Feedback within 14 days.

Short Works or First Act of a Full Screenplay:  Price:  $250.00 including GST.

Full Draft of a Screenplay:  Price:  $450.00 including GST.

1 Hour Follow Up Phone or Face to Face Meeting:   $150.00 including GST (after assessment)

How to Pay:  Your Cheque, made out to Rossetti Screenplays, or Australia Post money order, made out to Sarah Rossetti, should be mailed with your material to Sarah Rossetti C/O Rossetti Screenplays 14 Norham Street North Perth WA 6006. Visa and Mastercard payment will be accepted prior to assessment either by phone or via email enquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..