Interesting Places that Make Perth a City Worth Visiting

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February 14, 2013

If you have been to Sydney and say that you have seen enough of it, well, better take it back. There are still lots to discover in the Land Down Under, and one of them is Perth.

So to complete your Australian holiday, come and experience this metropolis to its fullest by visiting these awesome places.

  • Cottesloe Beach

A popular attraction, not only because it was Heath Ledger's favourite, but also it has a long stretch of golden sand and cool waters. As such, this beach is perfect for surfing or enjoying fresh seafood while watching the gorgeous sunset over the ocean.

  • Greenhouse Restaurant

As the name implies, it is an eco-friendly establishment because recycled materials were used in its construction. Aside from that, its exterior is clothed with potted herbs used in cooking sumptuous dishes.

  • Indigenous Heritage Tours

Take a walk down memory lane—literally—by visiting an 1800s port town called Fremantle. Here, you will be taken on a guided tour by the Aborigines to show you the place rich with history.

Touring does not end with those three, of course. So to discover more, come to Perth. And stay with us here at Above Bored Bed and Breakfast to make your holiday even more rewarding.

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