Boating Guidelines to Give You a Safe and Fun Experience

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September 27, 2013

The word ‘boating’ sounds like an enjoyable adventure. However, it may not give positive results all the time. Being on the water is something to be cautious about. Hundreds of people meet an accident or, worse, die each year due to boating accidents. And two of the main causes are lack of precautionary measures and negligence. So before preparing your bathing suit, camera and sun block, learn basic safety guidelines.

  1. Climate

This is a basic thing you should look first before getting on the boat. Even when you are planning your holiday, first thing to consider is whether your chosen date reports a good or dangerous weather. This will tell you if it is safe to go out on the sea.

  1. Passengers

Boats have passenger capacity. Rely on a boating expert or read information on this matter to determine the exact number of people who can board the vessel to avoid possible accidents.

  1. Bilge blower

The boat’s bilge blower may build up explosive fumes that need to be run for four minutes to clear out. If you’re renting and the service doesn’t include a guide, ask for instructions on this matter so you’ll know what to do.

  1. Clearing out the deck

Instruct your fellow passengers to de-clutter their things from the deck. People can easily trip and fall from cluttered things. In addition, wear your lifejacket to be safe at all times. People should ideally be seated because boats are unsteady and may easily cause imbalance and accidents. It is better to prepare than regret.

  1. Knowing the rules

Even in waters, there may be traffic. Large crafts and small vessels meet any part of the sea, so it is best to keep a copy of the latest rules for boating. Know where to turn when meeting other vessels.

There’s no doubt about it, boating is fun. Then again, you can make the most of the activity by keeping yourself and companions safe.

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