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September 27, 2013
Boating Guidelines to Give You a Safe and Fun Experience

The word ‘boating’ sounds like an enjoyable adventure. However, it may not give positive results all the time. Being on the water is something to be cautious about. Hundreds of people meet an accident or, worse, die each year due to boating accidents. And two of the main causes are... read more!

August 19, 2013
Breaking the Hotel Habit: Why a Bed and Breakfast Inn May Be Better

There are many little secrets to holiday planning without breaking a sweat. One is that it's more practical to be flexible with your travel schedule rather than planning your flights around it. Yet, out of the numerous travel tips you really should know, booking the right accommodation should be made... read more!

July 01, 2013
What to Look For When Making Accommodation Reservations

When planning for a holiday, finding the right accommodation is as essential as the holiday itself. The place you stay in will have a huge impact on every aspect of your trip, from the amount of money you can afford to spend to how much enjoyment and fun you'll have... read more!

March 28, 2013
Reasons to Visit Western Australia on Your Next Holiday

If you are looking for a cosy place to cuddle up in Western Australia, head on down to a comfortable lodging option called Above Bored Bed and Breakfast. Built on 1927, this place is an example of fine Feredation architecture. It is perfectly situated  north of Perth... read more!

March 20, 2013
Early Accommodation Booking: Better Deals in More Ways Than One

Have you made your holiday reservations yet? You may have been used to booking at the last minute, believing that you will get a great deal. But the truth is you get to enjoy more perks with early booking. What will you get when you arrange your accommodation well in... read more!

March 08, 2013
Family Fun Time in Perth

When people think of Australia, the Sydney Opera House and the Great Barrier Reef immediately comes to mind. It's a shame, because it does have a lot more beautiful destinations to offer the tourists that flock the area. If you're planning on a holiday in the land down under... read more!

February 14, 2013
Interesting Places that Make Perth a City Worth Visiting

If you have been to Sydney and say that you have seen enough of it, well, better take it back. There are still lots to discover in the Land Down Under, and one of them is Perth. So to complete your Australian holiday, come and experience this metropolis to its fullest... read more!

February 11, 2013
Visit a Perth Bed and Breakfast During Your Cruise

The best thing about holidays on a ship is you're often given the opportunity to jump onto dry land from time to time at different ports so to explore the local area, and even stay a night away from the ship if you so wish. When you spend your time... read more!

January 31, 2013
Why It Pays to Book Your Holiday Accommodation Online

These days, you would notice that people exert a lot of efforts at work. And when it comes to going on a holiday, they can hardly spare the time to make hotel reservations. If you are in the same situation, then you can thank advancements in technology for the development... read more!

January 02, 2013
The charms of a zoo in Sydney and fine accommodation

The world has a treasure chest of delights to offer those who are prepared to seek them out and make no mistake, taking the time to see exactly what the world has to offer is well worth the effort. For those who either live in Australia or for those who... read more!

December 06, 2012
Experiencing Perth's Sailing Adventures

The beautiful country of Australia is home to many sailing enthusiasts. Even though it is considered one of the most distant countries in the world, it is also among the most popular destinations frequently visited by many tourists. Of the many great places to visit in Australia... read more!

December 06, 2012
5 Features of a Bed and Breakfast You Have to Look Into

There's no question about it; every traveller aims to achieve a memorable and fun holiday, whether with family or friends. However, the excitement may suddenly take a halt if one chooses a boring and inconvenient accommodation. That is why it is best to look into some features that an ideal... read more!

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